Standard Set

Run of the mill traits... pretty standard!

Aquatic Set

Amphibious and subaquatic traits... webbed, slimy, and beyond!

Avian Set

Flying and gliding adjacent inspired traits.

Elemental Set

Fire, ice, nature, wind, lightning... the list goes on, really.

Fairy Set

Whimsical and mystical -- these traits are pulled from a fairytale.

Insect Set

Traits inspired by bugs and invertebrae. Creepy crawly!

Love Set

Are your ears hearts or are you just happy to see me?

Mammal Set

Bats, cats, rats... and dogs, too, I suppose. Just mammals here!

Overgrown Set

Too much hair... you might need a trim, pal.

Spooky Set

BOO! Did I get you???

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