Chartreurs Overview

Zhariim Islands

Zhariim Islands (ZA-reem) - A forgotten bundle of islands and peninsulas. The land is cold but boasts exotic, almost tropical like flora. These areas were hard to reach due to being nowhere near any PCSPCs, and their Archangel populations went unchecked. For a while, no one could explore the land because of this. Nowadays, it is still relatively unexplored, but because of a new ailment: the rapid takeover of portals to The Otherside. The portals have taken over most of the land and covered it with oily, twisting branches of an incomprehensible material; hence the purple hue. There are no major civilizations here, therefore there are no exports or imports.

The Lostlands

Despite the name, the Lostlands are well documented. They weren't, once upon a time; like the Zhariim islands, Archangels had run rampant through the land. However, they were mostly annihilated from this chartreur, and the name was just never changed. The climate here is cold with heavy downpour year round, so the land is muddy and hard to farm. Even though the weather sucks, it has large numbers of Hyros living here, because it is the only place in the world that can grow Yuuyi trees. Yuuyi trees grow Yuuyi fruit, which is hallucinogenic. It is still unclear whether or not it is safe to consume long term, as studies are ongoing. Yuuyi fruit is, of course, the Lostlands' main export.

Outlyre Reminant

These small islands make up a micro chartreur. The land is lush and mountainous, with jagged rocks jutting from the surface on the northern most island. Ruins of tribal societies belonging to the ancient Hyrrothians are scattered across the chartreur, rife with uncovered history that will never be told. Modern Vythrosans do not disturb these ruins out of respect for the Hyrrothians that lost their lives to the comet millenia ago. If people choose to live here, they usually stay on Oiyoji island, which happens to be the closest to Tarnicheten. This chartreur has no major exports, and actually requires the most imports.


Molovochte (ma-la-VOCT) - Filled with swamp land, Molovochte is not on the top of most Hyros' lists on places to live. There aren't many people that live here, mainly because it is muggy and smells bad. Sometimes, Hyros will come here to get away from something, so it's advised to be wary of strangers as they may not be the best of people. Before Molovochte was filled with mosquitoes and outlaws, it used to be home to lush woodlands. When the comet hit, a lot of the land sunk into the ocean, creating marshes that ultimately turned into deep swamps. Swamp fruit that cannot be cultivated anywhere else is this chartreur's main export.


Azenguar (AE-zen-gwar) - Near the top of the planet, Azenguar is, expectedly, cold and icy. The land mostly consists of rolling plains covered by a thick sheet of unmelting snow. There isn't much to do here besides snow sports, which is what anyone here does. There are some locals in select towns where it isn't as snowy, but Azenguar is one of the least inhabited places on Vythrosa. This chartreur has one major export -- fish.


Gamstre (GAM-stur) - Gamstre is mostly woodlands with a few cold marshes, where the snow begins to melt. Its temperate climate brings a lot of Hyros in, as the weather is nice year round, save for the occasional heavy winter. The big river that almost cuts through the land is called the Figrym River, after the local legend of a river monster of the same name. Gamstre produces various crops to export.


Tarnicheten (TAR-nick-eh-ten) - Tarnicheten is half desert, half prairie. Like Gamstre, there isn't much to be said about this chartreur. It is a relatively normal area with some notable scenic destinations, as most chartreurs tend to be. Most people living here reside in Yu Vim, a Hyrrothian city that was rebuilt after the comet. Despite being fairly boring, the chartreur is the world's largest crystal exporter.


Mollenile (MO-len-ile) - The land in this chartreur is relatively sandy, especially the closer you get to the coast. More inland, the ground gets firmer and easier to farm. Mollenile is somewhat of a transitionary chartreur, as there isn't much to do here. People will pass through the land to get to other chartreurs. There aren't any exports for this region except for sand and glass.


Anshrochte (AN-shrokt) - Anshrochte is two masses of land seperated by a large bay. The larger part of it is mostly grasslands with some forests the farther north you go, and the smaller part is somewhat jungle-ish. Most Vythrosans live in the larger part, as the small half is undeveloped. Ancient Hyrrothian villages can be found within the jungle, though the safeguards built around them are too foreign for even Hyros to understand and get past, so it is unknown whether or not there are live people beyond those walls. The ponkle fruit grows well here, thus making it the most popular export.


Forinloque (FOR-in-lock) - Forinloque is mostly known for its Remmur forest. Remmur boasts ancient roots belonging to a long fallen Gremrot tree. Now, the forest is filled with flower fields and dead roots that twist and sprout throughout the land. Aside from Remmur, Forinloque has multiple smaller woodlands and fields. Its calm and slightly cool climate invites many Vythrosans to call this land home. The main export from Forinloque is sap from the Gremrot roots; though, it is a limited resource as once a root runs out of sap, it cannot produce anymore. This has caused the price to slowly go up over time.

The Gorelands

The Gorelands - One of the largest chartreurs, The Gorelands are sparsely inhabited. Most of Vythrosa's most notable landmarks are in the Gorelands. Because there aren't many towns in this chartreur, the majority of inhabitants reside in one of the three major cities here. This makes it easy for Archangel populations to surge in more wild sections of the land, so there is no shortage of Vythrosans who kill Archangels for a living. Most Archangel hunters are employed by the cities to safeguard the surrounding area, but some are lone wolves who set out to hunt the Archangels higher up in their hiearchy, such as the Grands or even Queens. Archangel materials such as bones and hide are this chartreur's largest export.


Roshechteur (RAH-sheh-chyur) - Roshechteur's unique shape is one of its more notable features. The land is cold, boasting thick forests coated with heavy snow during the winter months, though it melts fairly fast as soon as it gets warm. The tail of Roshechteur used to be filled with normal grasslands, but they were taken over by invasive Swornflies. Swornflies are best compared to a hybrid between a dragonfly, hornet, and scorpion; they were also the size of a car. They built their nests upwards like towers. Though the land is still taken over by these nests, they are empty, as Swornflies went extinct after the comet. This part of the planet is rife with fish, so it is to be expected that fish is this chartreur's biggest export.

Vythrosa a Proxus

Vythrosa a Proxus (vy-THROW-suh ah  PROCK-zus) - Vythrosa a Proxus (VaP) serves as the planet's centriglobal headquarters. It is not technically considered a chartreur, as that title is for subnations governed by VaP itself. The purple land in this location is largely untamed and made up of fluvial forests that boast unusually shaped flora made up of about 90% water. The land is beautiful, but dangerous, as it is a prime location for predators due to the abundance of water and nutrients. Large creatures settle into the forest and wait for prey to be lured in by the seemingly perfect habitat, snatching them up when they least expect it. Some Hyros have gone missing in these forests only for their half digested remains to be found months or even years later.


Oorumi (OO-roo-mee) - Just beyond the fluvial forests is Oorumi, a coastal chartruer. The beaches here are made up of soft, blue sand. There are no major civilizations in Oorumi, as the only safe way to get there is by Vanition or boat. For this reason, Oorumi is an untouched paradise of sorts. The beaches are alluring but unfortunately most people will never visit them. Some Hyros have made Oorumi their home however, but laws are extremely strict here in order to preserve the land, which makes settling in a long and annoying process. The glass made from Oorumi sand is notoriously difficult to produce and always breathtakingly beautiful, thus making glassware this chartreur's most popular export.


Vanzhroughte (van-ZHROUT) - The aggressive name is indicative of the layout of the land. Vanzhroughte is extremely rocky and cold, with a lot more ice than Azenguar. There are jagged mountains that have yet to be fully climbed near the top of the chartreur, as they are just too dangerous to conquer. The ground here, if you can see it, is dark and too cold to farm. Anyone who lives here relies on imports from other chartreurs as there is nothing to eat here besides ice and fish. Still, some Hyros call this place home. Not much gets exported from Vanzhroughte, aside from some fish and salt.


Tarronguard (TAIR-rin-gard) - Despite its purple hue, Tarronguard is not affected by The Otherside. The reason for its purplish look can be found in its soil; the ground here is rich with a naturally occuring protein left over by microscopic organisms. Due to this protein, a lot of tubers grow well here, despite the cold climate. A lot of Vythrosans live here as well, as even though it is cold, it does not snow often. The spiral river is called Klum Vr'a and is believed to be artificially created, but there are no records of it having been made by the Hyrrothians. Tarrongaurd is Vythrosa's largest salt exporter.

The Redlands

The Redlands - The land itself in this chartreur is indeed red, hence the name. The Redlands are home to the infamous "Third Plant," a PCSPC in such horrific disrepair that the nearby Archangels swarm it for easy feeding. There are numerous wretched places in the Redlands. Most of the land here is uninhabitable but towards the border of the chartreur you can expect to see a city or two. The islands in the Redlands have few towns and villages, but life here is hard. There are few resources and the water is tainted with an overabundant microscopic population of red plankton that act as a deliriant when consumed. They are so small that they are nearly impossible to filter out without the right equipment, giving the water that red hue. This chartreur has no exports.


Farrenvark (FAIR-ren-vark) - Just outside the untamed wilds of the Redlands you will enter Farrenvark, a much calmer chartreur than its southwestern neighbor. There is still red land in Farrenvark, though it is largely due to compact, red forests. The green lands are made up of rolling hills and gentle plains. This chartreur sees little rain, but it has thousands of large underground pockets of water that are tapped into for wells. Most cities here will be towards Hiramutiny or Bestruhm borders, but there is a single city close to the shared border with the Redlands to check any migrants in. It is a fairly unremarkable chartreur, as its main inhabitants are farmers. They produce and export most of the world's crops.


Hiramutiny (HEER-uh-MYOO-tih-nee) - A largely diverse chartreur, Hiramutiny is a popular place to live amongst the general Vythrosan population. Many would agree its diverse sets of land will have at least one city they wouldn't mind calling home. Though it sees some harsh winters the farther north you go, it is a small price to pay to live in such a well rounded chartreur. The people here are welcoming to all, no matter their origins. It is, of course, a largely tourist subnation though, as the cost of living is particularly high. The free living towns are hard to get into as they are constantly full and their waitlists are extremely long. This chartreur has multiple exports from fur, food, and minerals.


Bestruhm (bes-TROOM) - Bestruhm is the place to be for the rich and famous. Its made up of forested mountains and sees lots of rain, making it the perfect place for a well secluded mansion hidden in the woods or built into a mountainside. The land here is perfect for those with the most eyes on them to build upon. There are no free living towns here, as most of the land is undeveloped. There is only one city, though it is on the coast, away from the wooded mountains. A lot of Vythrosans aiming for stardom will move to this city. Aside from being beautiful, this chartreur doesn't offer much, as it has no remarkable exports aside from expensive stone slabs harvested from the mountains.


Just above Darklind, Rotlind is a chartreur known for its boreal forests. The further south one travels, they will find the land becomes hilly and mountainous. Old, rounded mountains cover half of the land here, separating it from its sister Chartreur, Darklind. Rotlind is a popular travel destination, famous for its scenery. Its main export is water from the mountains' abundant freshwater springs.


Unlike Rotlind, Darklind is not very popular. Like Tarronguard, Darklind gets its purple hue from the protein leftover by microscopic organisms, though it doesn't produce quite as much as the northern chartreur. Vythrosans living here will enjoy long, dark winters and moderate summers. Beyond the isolation such a desolate land provides, there is nothing to bring new settlers in. Its only major export is the protein-rich soil.