This document, known as the "Edict of Vythrosan Principle (EVP)," serves as the foundational legal framework and charter of Vythrosan governance, established under the auspices of Vythrosa a Proxus, herein referred to as "the Government." It articulates the fundamental laws, principles, and standards upon which the governance, welfare, and societal order of Vythrosa are predicated. The EVP embodies the collective will of Vythrosan society to ensure equity, justice, and harmony among all citizens, irrespective of their racial origins.

Article I: Prohibition of State-Sanctioned Death

In accordance with the EVP, Article I unequivocally proscribes the issuance of death sentences by the Government upon any citizen within the sovereign domain of Vythrosa. Notwithstanding this prohibition, Article I also prescribes specific circumstances wherein the death penalty may be admissible, as delineated in Article VIII. This provision reiterates the overarching commitment to preserving the sanctity of life as the paramount value within the Vythrosan legal framework.

Article II: Ensuring Welfare without Discrimination

Article II of the EVP establishes an uncompromising legal obligation for the Government to afford citizens, comprising the Hyros, Faelthros, Kaarmesusi, and other races within Vythrosa, uniform access to essential services. These encompass healthcare, emergency aid, and related welfare provisions, irrespective of racial distinctions or unique requirements. Article II embodies the Government's commitment to universal welfare, the elimination of disparities in critical resource allocation, and fostering inclusivity and equal treatment among all Vythrosan citizens.

Article III: Eradication of Necessities as Commodities

Article III of the EVP enforces an unassailable principle that vital goods and services, including but not limited to shelter, sustenance, clean water, and education, shall remain immune to commercialization and profit-seeking motives. Universal accessibility to these essentials is mandated, thereby eliminating economic disparities in access. The Government, as stipulated herein, undertakes the solemn duty to ensure the availability of these necessities to all citizens, reflecting its commitment to economic and social parity among Vythrosan races.

Article IV: Guaranteeing Equitable Justice

Article IV underscores the foundational tenet that all Vythrosan citizens, regardless of their racial backgrounds, shall receive impartial, unbiased, and equitable treatment within the purview of the legal system. It expressly prohibits Chartreurs, representing the Government, from engaging in any form of legal malpractice or undue bias in the interpretation or application of the law. This provision safeguards the primacy of fairness, equality before the law, and the protection of citizens' rights.

Article V: Exclusivity of Allegiance

Article V of the EVP upholds the absolute autonomy and sovereignty of Vythrosa by enunciating the exclusive allegiance of its Chartreurs to the central governing entity, Vythrosa a Proxus. It firmly prohibits the engagement of Chartreurs in concurrent affiliations with foreign governments or external authorities, reinforcing the realm's unity and shielding against conflicts of interest, thereby preserving the realm's sovereignty and cohesion.

Article VI: Prevention of Treason

Article VI underscores the paramount objective of preserving stability, unity, and security within Vythrosa. It categorically inhibits any actions construed as treason, emphasizing unwavering loyalty and devotion to Vythrosa a Proxus. Rebellion, insurrection, or subversion against the Government is strictly discouraged, serving as a safeguard against internal threats, divisions, and the maintenance of social harmony.

Article VII: Ensuring Freedom from Fear

Article VII is a definitive assertion designed to cultivate a climate of tranquility, security, and trust within Vythrosan society. It explicitly decrees that no Chartreur shall instill or exploit fear related to the sovereignty of Vythrosa a Proxus, save as prescribed in Article VIII. Article VII is grounded in the Government's commitment to a society devoid of anxiety, where governance inspires confidence rather than apprehension. It encompasses the psychological well-being of citizens, the prevention of fear-based manipulation, and the promotion of open, transparent governance.

Article VIII: Exceptions to the Prohibition of Death Penalty

Article VIII furnishes exceptions to the overarching prohibition of the death penalty as delineated in Article I. It recognizes that specific circumstances may warrant the imposition of the death penalty, as embodied in criteria set forth herein. The criteria encompass premeditated murder in the first degree with intent to kill by a Hyro and convictions of treason against Vythrosa a Proxus. Article VIII underscores due process, the equilibrium of justice and mercy, and the judicious utilization of this extreme punitive measure in safeguarding Vythrosan unity and security.


The Edict of Vythrosan Principle (EVP) embodies the core principles, laws, and standards that constitute the bedrock of Vythrosan governance. As enshrined herein, the EVP pledges to uphold the principles of equity, justice, and harmony among the racially diverse citizenry of Vythrosa. It represents the collective determination of the Government and its citizens to secure a just, harmonious, and equitable society, underpinned by these foundational laws and principles.

- Issued by Authority of Vythrosa a Proxus